Breaking News: Dallas police end search for suspicious person in garage behind headquarters

Dallas Police Department gives all clear in alleged garage threat

After a thorough search by the SWAT team and K-9 units, the police have ended their search in a nearby garage by the Dallas Police Headquarters, finding no suspicious persons or items and have deemed the area safe.

The search came after officers received an anonymous threat endangering the lives of law enforcements.

According to The Dallas Daily News, reports started pouring in claiming that a suspicious man dressed in all-black was seen roaming around the garage behind the police headquarters. Other reports claim that the man was armed.

Contrary to reports, according to the police department’s Twitter, their headquarters were never under lockdown and no shots were ever fired but a shotgun was used to break a locked door that was found in the garage.

CNN also reports that the SWAT team used an explosive device to break through a locked fence that surrounded the garage to gain entrance.

Dallas Police were in high alert, taking the anonymous threat very seriously, tightening the city’s security and doing a city wide roll-call to ensure all officers were accounted for and safe, according to a News8 report.

News media outlets were also asked to stop all live coverage of the incident as it was occurring to ensure that the location of their officers were unknown to ensure their safety.

Police also blocked the roads to their headquarters and Dallas Area Rapid Transit shut down its light-rail service to the headquarters nearby Cedars Station to ensure the safety of its passengers.

This threat came two days after five Dallas police officers were killed and seven injured by sniper Micah Xavier Johnson, an army veteran, during a Black Lives Matter protest.


Image retrieved from Flickr.

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