The ‘I’ Zone End Game for Reality Control and Self Improvement

Bodybuilding's Denie Walter talks reality control, self-improvement and the philosophical secret of 'I'





Introduction  …

Who are you ?

Take a minute to answer that. Really think about it.

So who are you?

Do you really know ?

Well I will tell you who you are. Your name is ‘I’

You are the current version of a very long ancestry of people who have gone before you.

There is no other like you on this planet. And this is all you get along with your right to be this ‘I’ and make the best of it in life. You have within you, this ‘I’, all the potential of the universe to improve yourself. Which is this ‘I’ thing that you are.

But to do this…you must repeat out loud from the you that is ‘I’ your personal territory of occupational outreach construct, where you are standing or seated. Repeat this and feel your power.

I AM !

And what is it ‘I’ do?

Do you know?

Well I will tell you what ‘you’ do in the following terms:

I Am…so I exist and am conscious of it.

I think and wonder

I hear and learn

I see and know

I want, get and achieve

I pretend and plan

I feel and know emotion or physical vibrations

I touch and therefore I feel:

I worry and can change things that bother me

I cry and that makes me realize responsibility

I understand and therefore I know the now, and how to change and make it work

I say and speak of things I view, feel and believe

I dream since this adds latitude for my existence

I try because I have a will to do and accomplish


The Wonder of ‘THE THERE IS’:

I THINK and WONDER…to achieve: KNOWING


According to the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad a highly advanced philosophical and mystical text :

“As a man’s (or woman’s) desire, so is his (or her) destiny. For as his (or her) desire is, so is his (her)

will; and as his (or her) will is, so is his (or her) deed; and as his (or her) deed is, so is his (or her)

reward, whether good or bad.”


This is a rather long formal way of stating…we get or become what we think about most. Principally because we become and are what we think about which is a general rule regarding positive attraction of feeling, ideas and mental formatting.

Mental formatting is an essential control of ‘I’ positive people. They…See life for the illusion it is and look at it from different angles-like curiosity. Removing it out of the fear and anxiety paradigm which corrupts the positive brain wave forms of a trapped repeating thought process.

Exactly…that’s it right on the nose, and up inside her panty hose or boxer shorts. Dam life’s illusions, see through them and take what you want from them..make life yours…and make it do what you want. Only robots live life in auto. So blast through and tailor the illusions for your ‘I’ purposes.

Schopenhauer wrote…”Life is my idea!”

When it gets scary…its “All Hands On Deck…Battle Stations! ‘I’ Am Crashing The Robotism Of The Pack !”

The passion comes from making the mediocre yours and ratcheting it up to mean something with finesse and fortitude a.k.a. courageous decency…with a morality slide rule intent.

And you will, as ‘I’ meditates on positive forms of action YOU FEED IT AND EXPLORE..

The mind needs time to think and equate… IT BREATHS.

Breathing room gives the mind a chance to absorb the information coming in, and lock on to it with an internal scan…so the ‘I’ can feel it. When that feeling emotes it become a format… from this point you own your consciousness and make your points absolutely.

It’s an ‘I’ AM-arama a.k.a. categorized personal thought panorama on any subject application for positive behavior and positive attraction of results being worked towards.

That type of thinking experience is quite resourceful and heroically beautiful. You contact the universe from the very center of it.


DENIE is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider. Famously known by his first name, Denie is an icon in the bodybuilding and weight training world, a physical culture historian, a graphic designer and former editor, photo-journalist and writer for magazines such as MTI and Flex.



Image retrieved from Flickr.

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