Clinton and Trump fight for Sanders supporters


Clinton and Trump campaigns fight for Sanders supporters

Now that Bernie Sanders has endorsed Hillary Clinton and is officially out of the race, the hunt for his abandoned supporters has begun, with both camps-Clinton’s and Trump’s- vying for their votes.

Republican presidential nominee, Donald Trump, has believed for months that Sanders supporters will prefer to go to him over Clinton as Trump has been able to garner votes from people from all sides of the political spectrum, including those that don’t necessarily identify with either parties and like Sanders is an untraditional candidate for the presidency who has evoked immense passion in his supporters.

“Bernie Sanders has abandoned his supporters by endorsing pro-war pro-TPP pro-Wall Street Crooked Hillary Clinton,” Trump tweeted just minutes after Sanders announced his endorsement of Clinton. “To all the Bernie voters who want to stop bad trade deals & global special interests, we welcome you with open arms. People first.”

Trump’s campaign has also sent out a detailed list to Sanders supporters stating the “Top 5 Reasons Sanders supporters will never be excited about Hillary Clinton,” which shows the similarities Sanders and Trump share.

USA Today posted the list, which included previous attacks Sanders had thrown at Clinton during his campaign such as how she is against bringing jobs to America, working for the lobby’s interests and being part of the establishment. Some of the items on the list included:

Sanders’ Campaign Called Clinton A Potential ‘Outsourcer-In Chief,’ Saying She ‘Has Been A Consistent Advocate Of The Job-Killing Trade Deals’ That Have Lost ‘Almost 5 Million Manufacturing Jobs Over The Last 15 Years.’

Sanders Attacked Clinton Saying That ‘You’re Not Going To Have A Government That Represents All Of Us, So Long As You Have Candidates Like Secretary Clinton Being Dependent On Big Money Interest.’

‘Clinton Is The Favorite Of The Democratic Establishment, Regardless Of How You Want To Define It.’

During an earlier interview with CNN in April, Trump’s campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, said that they were ready to bring in any “Feel The Burn” movement supporters who didn’t want to vote for Clinton in the general election for the presidency.

“You have two candidates in Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders which have reignited a group of people who have been disenfranchised and disappointed with the way Washington, D.C. and career politicians have run the country,” Lewandowski said during the interview. “Bernie Sanders has large crowds- not as large as Mr. Trump’s, but large crowds- and so there is a level of excitement there for people about his messaging and we will bring those people in.”

Just hours after Sanders endorsement, Trump also released a video showing Sanders continuously saying that Clinton isn’t qualified to be president.

Clinton has also been trying to get the votes of Sanders supporters, particularly by moving her ideas more to the left and “Sanderizing” her campaign points.

Some of these changes, such as her change of view in college tuition, is meant to appeal to Sanders large young voters base. Originally against making public colleges free for everyone, she has recently changed her tactic and is now offering free public college tuition for students in families that earn $85,000 a year or less and eventually for families that make $125,000 or less by 2021.

While it’s unclear if either party will be successful, Sanders supporters have been vocal about their opinion on the matter following his endorsement, many of them asking him to run as an independent or to join the minor Green Party’s ticket, which its current leader, Jill Stein, has offered to stand down and give him the opportunity to lead their ticket.

One thing is clear: Gaining the vote of these abandoned supporters for the election will be a grueling challenge. Come November, we’ll see what happens.


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One thought on “Clinton and Trump fight for Sanders supporters

  1. Unclear? You have to be kidding. How many Bernie voters would go to Trump after he called Bernie a sell-out? While HRC doesn’t inspire, Trump, by comparison, is the embodiment of all they hate most. He will pick up about as many Sanders supporters as he got black voters after Carson quit. Maybe 2%.


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