Republican National Convention Day 2: “Make America Work Again”

Ben Carson connects Hillary Clinton to Satan through her mentor

By Michelle Marchante

During the second day of the Republican National Convention, not only did Donald Trump surpass the required 1, 237 delegates needed to become the Republican’s party official presidential candidate with an additional 89 delegates, marking it as the largest vote total in Republican history, but it was a night focusing on uniting the Republican party and destroying Hillary Clinton.

“As a former Federal Prosecutor,” Chris Christie, the current Governor of New Jersey, said in his speech. “I welcome the opportunity to hold Hillary Rodham Clinton accountable for her performance and her character.”

Through chants of “Lock Her Up” from the crowd, Christie created the most interactive speech of the night, a “game” of sorts where he would list a charge against Clinton and afterwards he would ask the crowd, “Guilty or Not Gulity?”

The crowd’s verdict was the same every time: Guilty.

By the end of the charges list, Christie claimed that the facts of her life and career both in the United States and around the world disqualified her for the presidency and that electing her would bring “all the failures of the Obama years but with less charm and more lies.”

“[I]t is our obligation to stop Hillary Clinton and never let her get within 10 miles of the White House again. It is time to come together and make sure that Donald Trump is the next President of the United States,” Christie said.

Republican party sweetheart, Ben Carson, who Fox’s Megyn Kelly has described as one of the Republican Party’s favorites, expressed his views in a completely different way, attacking Clinton not politically but morally, using religion and linking her to Satan through one of her mentors, Saul Alinsky.

Saul Alinsky was one of Clinton’s heroes and mentors, according to Carson, who has influenced her thoughts and beliefs but that same mentor wrote a book called Rules for Radicals, where he acknowledges Lucifer as the “original radical who gained his own kingdom” in the dedication page.

“This is a nation where our founding document, the Declaration of Independence talks about certain inalienable rights that come from our creator,” Carson said. “A nation where our Pledge of Allegiance says we are ‘One Nation Under God,”…a nation where every coin in our pockets and every bill in our wallet says, ‘In God We Trust.’

“Are we willing to elect someone as president who has as their role model somebody who acknowledges Lucifer? Think about that.”

Carson said that if the people of the nation continue to let God be taken “out of our lives” then God would separate himself from us, we would lose his blessing and therefore the nation “will go down the tubes.”

But Donald Trump, according to Carson, is the opposite of Clinton and is a man who will use his skills to work for America’s interests, not his own and that he is the right leader for “a time such as this.”

Carson then quoted Thomas Jefferson, claiming that he had foreseen this event happening, when the people wouldn’t be paying attention and the government would grow and expand and “try to rule us.”

“[B]ut he said that before we turn into something else, we the people would recognize what was going on, what we were about to lose and that we would rise up and take control of our nation,” Carson said. “Now is the time for us to rise up and take America back.”

Using conservative values, such as the right to bear arms, as demonstrated by NRA’s Chris Cox and even Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. with his jab at Clinton with the line, “if she were to be President, she’ll be the first President who can’t pass a background check,” as he spoke about criminals always finding a way to get guns, was another way of connecting the party, while pushing for the downfall of Clinton.

The reason why the NRA fights for a person’s right to protect their life, Cox said, is because that right is “the most precious right” someone can have and is a right that will disappear unless Trump is elected.

Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan’s speech, on the other hand, was the true “Unite the Party” speech, showcasing the problems that the Obama administration will be leaving behind, the problems another Clinton administration will bring and how only through uniting the Republican party and standing behind Donald Trump will America be saved.

“The next time there is a State of the Union address I don’t know where Joe Biden or Barack Obama are going to be but you’ll find me right there at the rostrum with vice president Mike Pence and President Donald Trump,” Ryan said.

Electing Clinton, Ryan said, would be like electing a third Obama term. According to Ryan, 2016 is the year “America will move on” and that while the Obama years are “almost over” the Clinton years are “way over.”

Ryan noted that under Obama, “the most liberal president” that the United States has ever had, the people are “restless and disappointed”, the economy is “stuck,” the security of the middle-class is nonexistent and poverty has worsened.

The results of the Obama administration, according to Ryan, is “records of discarded promises, empty gestures, phony straw-men arguments, reforms put off forever, shady power-plays…constitutional limits brushed off as nothing…while dangers in the world [are] downplayed even though the threats grow bolder and come closer.”

According to Ryan, progressives “deliver everything except progress.”

Ryan also recognized that the Republican party wouldn’t be able to win the election just depending on the failures of the Democrat’s party as he called the elections an election of ideas but that when it comes to ideas, the advantage is the Republican’s, calling the party the “great enduring alternative party.”

Quoting Ronald Reagan, Ryan said that the Republican Party believed in “not [being] the distributor of gifts and privilege but once again the protector of our liberties” and that the Republican’s government would act as a servant to the people, accountable to the people and follow the constitution.

“If we don’t defend [the Declaration of Independence] who will?” Ryan questioned. “How about we unify this party at this crucial moment when unity is everything…and turn out on the polls like every last vote matters because it will.”


Image retrieved from Flickr.

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