The VCR is officially dead

The VCR will go out of production this month

After about 60 years, the VCR- one of the most revolutionary home entertainment technologies created- that gave people the pleasure to own and watch their favorite television shows, movies and personal videos has officially died this month.

Funai Electric Co., a Japanese electronics maker, is the last VCR manufacturer in existence but an anonymous company spokesman told The Miami Herald that the company plans to end their VCR production later this month.

Funai has been manufacturing video-cassette recorders since 1983 and was making 15 million recorded cassette tapes in 2000 but, as reported on CNN, last year Funai only sold 750,000 units.

The VCR provided the company 70% of their U.S. Market and like other former VCR manufacturers, Funai found the VCR to be one of their most effective revenue items.

This revenue, of course, began to change when DVD’s, Blue-ray and streaming services like On Demand, iTunes and Netflix began to appear in the home entertainment industry.

Unlike other “retro” technologies such as Vinyl records, oversized boom-boxes and headsets, which seem to be getting a “vintage” revival boost with millenial’s ,the VCR, according to C. Samuel Craig, the program director of entertainment, media and technology at New York University’s Stern School of Business, won’t be having that luxury anytime soon.

“Unlike vinyl and turntables where audiophiles do have a nostalgia in that it’s a richer, deeper sound, the VCR offers really no advantages over new technology,” Craig said to The Washington Post. “Aesthetically it’s nice to see an old phonograph with a wax cylinder, but there’s nothing terribly aesthetic about an old VCR machine.”

According to The Miami Herald, Funai will continue to sell its remaining VCR’s until its inventory runs out and will provide maintenance services as long as possible. Funai also has plans to start releasing VHS/DVD converters later this month.

One thing is clear: By the end of this month, a monumental technology generation will have pass away.




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