Channing Tatum: Hottest Merman of the Year in “Splash” remake

Channing Tatum to star in "Splash" remake

Disney’s famous 1984 Academy Award nominated film “Splash” is about to undergo a serious gender-bending remake with Channing Tatum starring as the attractive mermaid, or in this case, merman.

Splash was a 1984 film that starred Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah and was a story that centered around a young boy, played by Hanks, who was saved by a mermaid from drowning. About 20 years later, Hanks character comes across her once again and this time, he falls in love with her and is faced with a serious decision: to live on land without her or to live in the sea with her?

Tatum will be reprising the original role of Hannah and will star opposite his former “22 Jump Street” co-star Jillian Bell who will be reprising Hanks original role.

According to People, “Splash” not only launched the careers of Hanks and Hannah but also of its director, Ron Howard, and Brian Glazer, who came up with the story.

It has been confirmed that Howard and Glazer will be returning for this production remake with Marja-Lewis Ryan writing the script but no word yet on a scheduled release date.

No doubt Disney has hopes that this gender-swapping remake will bring about the publicity Paul Feig’s female-leading remake of “Ghostbusters” had but only time will tell if fans will enjoy this classic reboot with a twist.

Odds are, with a shirtless Channing Tatum, they will.



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Image retrieved from Flickr.

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