James Patterson’s “Maximum Ride” finally gets movie adaptation

James Patterson's book series "Maximum Ride" to be adapted into a movie

After what seemed like years of rumors and hearsays, an adaptation of bestseller James Patterson’s YA bestselling series, “Maximum Ride,” is scheduled to go to the big screen.

“Maximum Ride” follows the story of Max, a strong independent girl and her flock members-whom by the way all happen to be mutant bird-kids so they’re sporting some impressive wings- as they set out to rescue their youngest team member, Angel, from some seriously whacked up evil scientists.

These whacked up evil scientists also hold the key they need to discover how they became transfused with aviary DNA and where they really come from. The problems aren’t so black and white though as they also have to avoid being discovered by humans and of course, trying to not let themselves get killed by Erasers- half-human half-mutated werewolf like monsters- that were created solely for the purpose of hunting them.

Produced by Youtube star Jenna Mourney-otherwise known as Jenna Marbles- and James Patterson, the movie will be directed by Jay Martin and star Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Johnson, Lyliana Wray, Luke Gregory Crosby, Gavin Lewis, Tetona Jackson, Zayne Emory, Carrie Wampler and Peter O’Brien.

“Maximum Ride,” as The New York Times reports, has been in production since 2008, with Columbia Pictures having planned to create the film before moving it to Universal Pictures where it never got passed the script phrase, quite possibly due to the lack of directorship.

As the “Maximum Ride” Wiki reports, former director Catherine Hardwicke, after having a dispute with Patterson over who should play Max, requested that the script be revised, postponing the filming until 2014. She then dropped out in 2011.

Production was once again halted as Hardwicke’s replacement, Don Payne, died from bone cancer in late March 2013. It was then that Collective Digital Studios, a multichannel network production company that has about 700 Youtube channels, acquired the online rights for the series in July 2014 to create a Youtube web series that would feature prominent Youtube stars as the main cast.

The web series, according to the “Maximum Ride Forever” official website, is scheduled to be released soon but no word yet if the series has been scrapped now that a full-length featured film is in the works.

As of this moment, the film is scheduled to be released first in Digital HD Aug. 30th and then in theaters and On Demand Sept. 30th of this year. Check out the first official trailer below:



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Image retrieved from Rotten Tomatoes.






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