Solo traveling: The practical new trend

 Solo traveling is becoming a popular choice



When you think of taking a big trip, you probably imagine doing it with family, a boyfriend/girlfriend or a big group of friends. However, as the years go by and people get more and more busy in their careers, it can be harder to get your group of friends together to take that vacation that you’ve always talked about. Sometimes the most practical and exciting option is traveling alone.

People are often very reluctant to take a solo trip, but that doesn’t mean that you should be! Traveling alone offers a lot of unique experiences and insights that you aren’t able to get when you travel in a group. There are lots of different options when it comes to taking a trip by yourself, so consider some of these options when you’re planning your next getaway.

Join a Group

Many travelers who want to go at it alone but are still a bit reluctant to plan everything by themselves opt to join a group. These groups often involve many other solo travelers, which provides a great opportunity to meet new people, make new friends and potentially even find future travel companions.

These types of organized trips can be found quite easily in the United States or abroad, as the frequency of solo travel has increased greatly over the years. These travel groups have become exceptionally popular in Southeast Asian countries, for example, where backpacking and traveling on a budget has become extremely popular. If you want to see another country, this is a stress-free way to do so.

Outdoor Activities

If you seek outdoor adventures in your solo trip, a white water rafting excursion could be perfect for you, especially if you are also looking to travel domestically. Whether you do or do not have a lot of experience rafting, there are guides that will take you through some of the most beautiful rafting locations in the country, including through the Grand Canyon!

These trips are perfect for solo travelers because it can be easier to come across spots when booking for one person and it also allows for people to meet new adventurers in an exciting and beautiful setting.

Consider Europe!

People are often understandably intimidated by being in a new place alone. They are worried for their safety and their ability to get around. That is why Europe is a perfect destination for going on a trip alone.

Many European countries – especially the ones in the northern and western parts of the continent – are consistently ranked among the best countries to travel alone. Many of them have very low crime rates and populations with incredibly high English literacy rates, which allow for an increased ease of travel and sense of safety and belonging.

So while it may have seemed taboo to travel alone in the past, it’s becoming more and more popular. Taking a trip by yourself will allow you to learn more about yourself, get some valuable alone time and explore a new place completely on your own schedule.

You have only your own desires to consider! With the right amount of planning, you can do it safely, cheaply and have just as much fun as you would have if you’d gone with a group of friends.


Ryan Thomas is a guest contributor at The Buzz Insider and works for Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting. Rocky Mountain Whitewater Rafting has guided thousands of whitewater rafting trips on Clear Creek and throughout Colorado.




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