Magazine of Clinton’s “adopted” daughter blamed U.S. for 9/11

Hillary Clinton

The woman who has consistently been referred to as Hillary Clinton’s second “adopted” daughter and is the likely candidate to become Clinton’s future White House Chief of Staff, Huma Abedin, holds a questionable background. This background includes working for more than a decade in a radical Muslim magazine that fought back against women’s rights, justified female genital mutilation and blamed the United States for 9/11.

Abedin is Clinton’s top campaign aide and has been working under her since she was an intern. During her time with Clinton, she also worked for the Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs, a publication that her mother was and continues to be the editor-in-chief for.

As the NY Post reported, during Abedin’s time as assistant editor for the journal, her mother wrote an article for the publication in 2002- that to many- sounds like a defense for 9/11, saying that it only happened because of all the “sanctions” the U.S. had put on Iraq along with other “injustices” they had done to the Muslim world. Here is an excerpt of the article:

“The spiral of violence having continued unabated worldwide, and widely seen to be allowed to continue, was building up intense anger and hostility within the pressure cooker that was kept on a vigorous flame while the lid was weighted down with various kinds of injustices and sanctions . . . It was a time bomb that had to explode and explode it did on September 11, changing in its wake the life and times of the very community and the people it aimed to serve.”

During her time as an intern under Clinton, Abedin also published articles that went against Clinton’s stance on women’s rights. After Clinton gave- in her own words- a “historical and transformative” speech where she said that “Women’s rights are human rights,” in the UN women’s conference of 1995 in Beijing, Abedin published articles that, according to the NY Post, destroyed Clinton’s platform “piece by piece.”

Other articles published by Abedin’s journal, for example, in 1996 argued that single mothers, same-sex couples and working mothers were not families, that women who dressed provocatively were asking to be raped and that empowering women was both harmful and dangerous.

“Pushing [mothers] out into the open labor market is a clear demonstration of a lack of respect of womanhood and motherhood,” a Saudi official with the Muslim World League asserted in an article.

The NY Post also reports that Abedin’s mother, Saleha Mahmood Abedin, wrote an article in January 1996 when she was serving as the Muslim World League’s delegate in a UN conference that denounced the empowerment of women.

“Empowerment of women does more harm than benefit the cause of women or their relations with men,” Abedin’s mother wrote. Defending Islamic laws, she said that Islam “goes the farthest in restoring equality across gender” by “[a]cknowledging the very central role women play in procreation, child-raising and homemaking” and through its placement of economic responsibility and support of the family “primarily on the male members.”

Abedin’s mother also defended men who abused their wives, claiming it was because of all the “hardships and injustices” they face and that it was actually men who were more prone to being victims of domestic abuse rather than women. While she didn’t endorse violence against women, she did believe that men shouldn’t be charged for domestic violence because if people saw the world through “men’s eyes” they would understand.

Besides these questionable articles Abedin allowed to be published in the journal, Vanity Fair also reports that the journal’s early patron was Abdullah Omar Nasseef, a high-ranking insider in the Saudi government who sits in the king’s Shura Council and has been rumored to have once had ties to Osama bin Laden, al-Qaeda and is still considered to be a “major figure” in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Nasseef, according to Vanity Fair, was described by the former assistant U.S. attorney, Andrew McCarthy, to be the Muslim Brotherhood’s  “principal vehicle for the international propagation of Islamic supremacist ideology.”

Vanity Fair also reports that Abedin’s mother was active in Nasseef’s International Islamic Council for Da’wa and Relief, an organization which has been banned in Israel because of its ties to a pro-Hamas fund-raising network known as the Union of Good, which McCarthy has described to be a “designated terrorist organization” that is led by Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the Muslim’s Brotherhood’s “leading global jurisprudent” leaders who has called for suicide bombings in Israel, Palestinian territories and “has called for the killings of American soldiers in Iraq.”

Bob Barnett, the broker lawyer of the Clintons’ multi-million dollar book deals, also described Abedin to Vanity Fair to be one of the “key glues that holds Clintonworld together” and that she knows everyone, their strengths, their weaknesses and the roles they’ve played, information that according to Barnett is “priceless to a person in public life.”

Abedin has been described as a “mini-Hillary” by a former advisor of Bill Clinton but with her strong anti-women and even anti-American background and connections, this description is concerning. The Clinton camp has been quiet on this matter but if Clinton, the self-proclaimed “fighter for women” is exactly like Abedin in a much bigger scale, then what exactly are her stances, beliefs and plans for America if she and Abedin were to win the White House?








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