Apple’s new iPhone 7 unveiled

Apple iPhone 7 and 7 Plus in Jet Black

The long awaited reveal of Apple’s newest lineup is no more as Apple has unveiled its newest creations- the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus-  but was the wait worth it?

“The iPhone is the industry gold standard,” Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Sept. 7 at the Apple Keynote event in San Francisco. “The phone by which all other smartphones are compared.”

According to Cook, the iPhone has become a cultural phenomenon, with Apple having sold more than a billion to date and has become the best-selling product of its kind in the history of the world.

The iPhone, Cook said, like all products of Apple provides users the best experience everywhere by “tightly integrating hardware, software and services.”

The new iPhone will be running iOS 10, which according to Cook, will be the biggest iOS release ever and is jam-packed with brand new features, such as Siri app capabilities so users can book a ride by voice for example, a new contextual keyboard predictor, a redesigned Map that will allow users to book reservations or a ride from inside it and a new app called Home Kit.

This is the first time home animation has been integrated into a huge platform, Cook said, and through this app, users will be able to setup and manage devices found in their home from lights, garage doors, security and “everything in between,” even if they’re away.

iMessage will also be gaining some brand new interactive features, giving users the capability to add stickers, bubbles and full screen animated effects to their text messages.

“We have created the world’s most advanced smartphone…the best iPhone we have ever created,” Cook said. “This is iPhone 7.”

Two new colors have been added to the iPhone line besides the regular Silver, Gold and Rose Gold, with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus being available in a color that is simply called “Black” and “Jet Black” which has a high-gloss finished and a stainless steel Apple logo.


(Left to Right) Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black and Jet Black.

Starting at $649 dollars like the iPhone 6, the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will no longer have a basic storage of 16GB but will instead provide users 32GB of basic capacity storage with users having the option of upgrading to 128GB or 256GB. These new iPhones will also have the longest battery life of any iPhone ever.

Reengineered from the inside out, the new iPhones will be water and dust resistant and will be utilizing a new generation chip called A10 Fusion, which according to the Senior Vice President of Apple’s worldwide marketing division, Phil Schiller, is the fastest chip ever to be used in a smartphone. According to Schiller, the new iPhones will also have the best display of any smartphone in the market through its Retina HD display which includes color management, a 3D Touch system and- for the first time- wide cinema standard color capture.

Schiller has described the newest iPhones to be the supercomputers of the smartphone worlds with Apple pushing the envelope of smartphone capabilities in the camera, audio and gaming world.

The iPhone’s camera has been engineered to have optimal image stabilization, six-element lens for a sharp image with 1.8 aperture, a high-speed sensor that is 50% faster, a true-tone flash with a flicker sensor that is able to read the flickering of artificial light and its image signal processor that is able to do over 100 billion operations in 25 milliseconds and combine multiple images to create the perfect photo with wide cinema color standards worthy of a cinematography masterpiece. The new iPhones also come with a Live Photo feature that allows you to edit, crop and add filters like Instagram Stories.

The iPhone 7 Plus also comes equipped with a dual-camera, giving users an additional telephoto camera lens that gives the phone a built in zoom feature that optimizes the camera to zoom up to 10x then its predecessors while still keeping its HD-quality. Schiller also gave a sneak peek to a software update scheduled to be released sometime in Oct. that will give users the capability to take shallow depth of field photos through the cameras ‘Portrait’ option. Additionally, Schiller said, users would be able to see the shallow depth of field in real time before they even take the photo.


Shallow Depth of Field photo taken by iPhone 7 Plus.


Shallow Depth of Field photo taken by iPhone 7 Plus.

Besides its first ever dual-cameras, the new iPhone’s- for the first time- will also have stereo speakers, making audio twice as loud and giving it a dynamic range perfect for the wireless headphone and smartphone gaming market Apple is trying to get into. The new iPhone’s will no longer come with a headphone port, instead each phone coming with a headset that utilizes the lightning connector charging port of the phone along with an adaptor to turn regular headphones into lightning operated headphones.

While Apple is providing these headsets as a courtesy to its customers, its goal is to get people to start using wireless headphones, which Schiller said would be “something new that betters all of us.” This is why Apple has unveiled its new wireless headset, Airpods, that will cost about $159 and are scheduled to be released sometime in late Oct.

The AirPods will utilize Apple’s designed W1 chip, a chip that according to the video Apple played, is “the first of its kind to produce intelligent high efficiency playback while delivering a consistent and reliable connection.” These wireless headsets, like all of Apple’s products, have an easy one click setup that connects it to all of your devices and allows it to automatically switch between whichever Apple product you’re using instantly. The new headphones come with an automatic infrared sensor that doesn’t start the audio until the headset is in your ear and the AirPods are also Siri-compatible, giving you access to all of Siri’s features with a simple double tap on the gear.


Apple is also making a move into the gaming world, pushing the boundaries that separate the simple smartphone graphic games to the bright and realistic graphics computer and gaming systems offer, utilizing its stereo speakers, its cinema standard colors and a graphic performance that is 50% faster than the previous A9 to offer a videogame experience that almost matches Playstation.


The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be released on Sept. 16 but the amount of pre-orders Apple is receiving, especially for the Jet Black color, could leave users waiting until Nov. to get their hands on Apple’s latest product.


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Images courtesy of Apple.

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