ABC News reports Hillary Clinton’s death


“We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death,” Joe Torres, anchorman for ABC News local New York station said.

Following Clinton’s health scare in New York when the Democratic presidential nominee collapsed during the 15h anniversary commemoration of 9/11 that was held at Ground Zero and had to be escorted out by her security team, the local “Eyewitness News” video has gone viral. After Torres proclamation of Clinton’s death, he and his costar delved into details of Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis, leaving many viewers to wonder and speculate.

While there is video footage of Clinton remerging from her daughter’s apartment looking much healthier, there are claims by others following Torres’s blunder that the Clinton seen leaving the apartment was not Clinton herself but rather a body-double, like Teresa Barnwell, 61, who the DailyMail has reported may very well be the greatest Hillary lookalike in the world.


America’s best Hillary Clinton impersonator, Teresa Barnwell (left) with Hillary Clinton (right). Photo retrieved from Barnwell’s website.

These claims have surfaced not only from Torres mistake that has gone national but from former MSNBC reporter David Schuster’s tweet that the Democratic National Committee was holding an emergency meeting to discuss a nominee replacement due to Clinton’s health problems.

This type of worry over pneumonia of all things to many means that there is an underlying issue that is not being publicly addressed whether it’s that Clinton’s health is worse than what is being said or that something has truly happened to the Democratic nominee.

Shuster later tweeted that a democratic operative has said that the meeting was being held because they are on “uncharted political territory.”

While Torres never acknowledged his blunder on live television, an ABC News spokesperson for the local station told TVSpy that Torres had meant to say ‘health’ but unfortunately read the word ‘death’ on the teleprompter, according to McClatchyDC.

“During a live introduction to a story about the health of Hillary Clinton, Joe Torres inadvertently said ‘death’ when he meant to say ‘health,’” the spokesperson said. “It was clear from the context of the story, the reporters’ information and graphics on the screen that Secretary Clinton was alive and recovering.”

Owen Shroyer of also recorded himself calling the station to confirm the mistake. While the spokesperson told TVSpy that the word on the teleprompter was ‘health,’ Shroyer’s contact did not give an explanation as to why it happened, only confirming that the word was on the teleprompter, that it was a mistake and that Clinton is indeed alive.

“What is going on? Was this a prank inside the office? Was this a mistake that somebody put in the teleprompter? Or perhaps they reported something that wasn’t supposed to be reported yet?” Shroyer questioned the audience right before finishing the podcast.

There are many mysteries to be found in this world and it appears that this 2016 election and its candidates is one of them.


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Featured Image retrieved from Flickr.

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