Kelly Quelette: Not your ‘average’ Trump supporter

Blogger Kelly Quelette explains why she is voting for Donald Trump come November

The media and Anti-Trump supporters have tried to paint a picture of Republican nominee Donald Trump only having the backing of men. Blogger Kelly Quelette breaks this stereotype and explains why Trump has her vote.

I am a white female. A victim of sexual abuse. A Republican. A Christian. And I am voting for Donald Trump. And I want to tell you why. First, I want to address the video that was released. What he said years ago was terrible. A man should never feel like he has the power […]

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2 thoughts on “Kelly Quelette: Not your ‘average’ Trump supporter

  1. What Johnny Oye says is very true. Words do matter and if you do not use authentication information your words are not backed up by anything but opinion. Hillary Clinton wants open borders FOR TRADE but Donald Trump never completes a sentence when he wants to make a negative point about his opponent. Hillary doesn’t want to take guns away from those who have them but wants more regulations so people who shouldn’t have them must first provide verifiable information and pass a background check. Donald doesn’t tell you that because he wants you to believe she’s against the NRA. She isn’t. Hillary is pro choice meaning a woman’s right to choose and by the way thanks to Planned Parenthood’s family planning education, less abortions are being performed. Also, it is my understanding that late term abortions are not happening unless a doctor verifies imminent danger to the child or mother. Regarding family leave, have you read both candidates’ proposed language?! Hillary includes ALL parents in a family….a biological mother, an adoptive mother, a father…two fatjers or two mothers….but Donald’s proposal is SOLELY for the biological mother. Are you okay with all of that? Please clarify thay you’re okay with the lies that have been authenticated my third party independent fact checking resources which confirm that Donald lies almost 90% of the time. Have you done ANY research of your own to back up your reasons to vote for Donald??


  2. TO: Kelly Quelette

    My comment is regarding Kelly Quelette’s blog regarding why she is voting for Donald Trump. This was shared on my facebook by a family member and she questioned me about some of the information regarding the claims of theHillary Clinton platform, as well as the claims of what Donald Trump would do as president. First, you left out many major facts about each of their platforms. Your blog stated four main reasons why you are supporting Donald Trump for President and you advise others to do the same. Let us start with your first reason regarding national security. In your first sentence you state – Hillary wants open borders. This claim by you is just not true. She has and does support tough border control on the Southern border and has been for comprehensive immigration policy which many Republicans have supported as well, including Rubio, McCain, Bush and many others. The Southern border enforcement is stronger now than it was under Republicans Reagan, Bush H, and Bush W. There are less illegal immigrants entering the US from the Southern border now than under the last two Republican Presidents. Deportations have peeked under Obama’s term at about 400,000. The fact is that more illegal immigrants are being deported under a Democrat administration than ever before with the exception of 1954 when Eisenhower’s initiative known as “operation wetback”, that expelled hundreds of thousands of Mexicans. We know what happened then, look it up. It was huge humanitarian crisis Trump proposes to follow similar military style roundups but has no plan on how we will deport 11 million people. Most economist agree that this will cost tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars. This is a very important bit of information that you failed to mention. You say that building a wall on the Southern border is dramatic but you fail to mention that Trump proposes to build a wall which Mexico will pay for. Not only is it not true, it will cost the tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars as well. We already have more border patrol agents then any other time in history as well as virtual wall protection and better technology for border enforcement. The majority of Immigrants, legal or illegal, are coming for work not to kill Americans. Donald Trump has taken a few bad cases and painted all Mexican immigrants with a broad brush essentially making Americans hate Mexicans and racial violence has increased in many places. Racism and bigotry trickles down from the top and Donald Trump promotes division and bigotry in just about every speech That is just a fact that cant be ignored. You say that Government has no role in race relations, religion and sexism and that families and communities can work together with all races and religions by talking to each other. And yes we can start doing that now but history has shown that about 40% of Americans oppose equal rights, separation of church and state, marriage equality, and other civil rights that are for everyone, not just Republicans. The government has passed laws to protect equal rights and civil liberties because the families, communities and in many cases, local government officials and law enforcement were not and did not want to have this conversation. You say that the media is responsible. I ask, in what way is the media responsible for racial issues, religious intolerance and sexism? The second reason you give for supporting Trump is economic security. You suggest that Trump will do well because he is a businessman. You have obviously not looked at decades of his business failures, unethical business dealings, bankruptcies that lost close to a billion dollars yet he still received his cut of $80 million dollars. The share holders lost, the banks lost, the contractors and sub contractors lost and hundreds of vendors and employees lost. Everyone but Donald Trump. Let me give you a few more that you failed to mention. Trump University was a total scam, Trump Foundation is a slush fund that has given only $10,000 of other peoples money for charity, another scam that is still in litigation and will eventually lose its status as a legitimate foundation, Over 3000 law suits from vendors and contractors against Trump for failing to pay for services that were agreed to. And you seriously want people to believe that they have all done a bad job so they don’t deserve to be paid. Honestly that is so wrong in so many ways that you can’t even defend his actions. I have to give him credit, He has scammed and avoided responsibility to hundreds of individuals, businesses, vendors, banks, shareholders and yes, America. How can you make America Great again when he doesn’t pay into the very system that has helped him become very wealthy. He isn’t a great business man, he is a great Con Artist.If that was not bad enough, he then uses that loss to avoid paying taxes for decades which by the way pay for the military, schools, roads and bridges and yes, even border patrol. His business record is nothing to brag about and if he runs the U.S Government like he has run his business, we too will be bankrupt. You conveniently didn’t mention Trumps economic proposal and tax plan. Is that because he doesn’t really have one besides cutting taxes for corporations and the very wealthy, eliminating the estate tax which by the way is just for the top 2% of the population. His trade proposals sound great but yet he makes all of his products over seas and plans to change the current Republican policies on free trade. This is basically the same Republican tax plan of trickle down de regulatory economics which we know DID NOT WORK. The Clinton tax proposal does not increase taxes on anyone making under 1 million dollars per year and a slight increase for those making up to 5 million dollars per year. Those making more than 5 million per year will see an increase in their taxes since they are the ones that have benefited from the past 30 years. That is just facts. Your endorsement of Trumps economic stability is mis leading and not based on facts. It is basically your opinion. Now to the 2 most important reason for you supporting Trump, supreme court and right to life. Now you are starting to sound honest about your reasons. You want the supreme court to overturn Roe v. Wade and for that you think Trump will nominate a conservative supreme court justice. Trump is no conservative, that is obvious. He is telling conservatives what they want to hear. And besides the President only nominates the justice and the Senate has to confirm. A perfect example is what has happened for the past year. Obama nominated a center-right candidate months ago and the senate has yet to even meet with him. It is impossible in todays political climate to appoint anyone that is far left or far right. The next 3 , not five appointees will never be confirmed unless they are center right. And btw there is no precedent for whats going on with the confirmation of Gardner, Obama’s appointee. If the Republicans can block a Democrats nomination for supreme court so will the Democrats. In addition, your claims about Clintons record and proposal for abortion are just flat out false. Shame on you. It is your responsibility as a decent human being to at least state the truth when you advocate your position and encourage others to follow your op-ed with very little facts. If you don’t like abortions, don’t have one. If you are against marriage equality, don’t participate in those ceremonies, If you want more border walls, you will have to pay more taxes to pay for it. If you want less restrictions on gun sales to criminals and those with mental disorders, don’t complain when we have more mass shootings in schools, maybe in your backyard next time. More guns will not create less gun violence, that has been proven wrong in many other countries. No one is going to lose their gun rights as Trump claims at every rally. I have been hearing that for as long as I can remember thats about 35 years. The Republicans have been using the 2nd amendment issue for years. It will never happen by a Democrat or a Republican. Sensible gun laws could help if they stopped the un restricted sales on line and at gun shows. You realize criminals can get guns at gun shows and on line without background checks and poor documentation of transactions. So basically everything you say is completely hypocritical. You are basically endorsing a man that has created his own social issue problems by saying and doing things that are racist, bigoted, misogynistic and divisive. He has verbally attacked private citizens, women, a disabled reporter, Generals, the US military and anyone that offends him in any way. He has the self-control of a 4 year old, at best. What will he do if a leader offends him, bomb them? This is a man that tweets non-sense at 2-3 and 4 am in the morning over trivial matters. This is a man that has no foreign policy knowledge during one of the most dangerous times in my life time. A man that praises dictators like Putin in Russia because he has business dealings with them already. That is the real reason he hasn’t released his taxes. Your blog does not tell the truth about Donald Trump, you are endorsing and trying to persuade other to vote for him based on your one sided opinion that ignores important facts about this candidate and out right lies on the other candidate. I look forward to following your future blogs and articles and I sincerely hope to find more credible information. I know your are not a journalist but your words do matter. And if this has been pointed out to me, I’m sure it has been pointed out to others. As a writer, your credibility is determined by your words. When those words are not true or even half true, others will question all of your writing.
    John P. Oye


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