Do U.S. consumers want Apple and Google manufactured cars?


Google and Apple cars are what consumers want


Many people do not believe that Apple, Google, and other technology companies of the automotive industry can bring too much change but a new survey shows that car manufacturers should take seriously the threat posed by technology companies.

TECHnalysis Research recently conducted a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers. These respondents either own a car or plan to buy a car in the next two years. The survey included a series of questions involving the car brand, function and technology. One question asked specifically whether respondents were willing to buy cars from Apple, Google or other tech giants.

There is no doubt that this question is only assumed as there is no technology company who has announced that it will manufacture and sell cars. These companies may not launch their own brand of automotive products, but if they do, then consumers will buy it.

Apple and Google Cars

In the survey, half of the respondents said they would consider buying a car from a tech company. When it comes to Apple and Google branded cars, about 1/3 of the respondents said they would seriously consider the purchase. More than 10% of respondents said they are certain to buy cars from technology companies.

However, taking into account that technology companies have not launched automotive products, the price and performance is unknown, so this purchase intention is only a hypothesis. However, the respondents from the technology company’s willingness to buy a car is enough to arouse the vigilance of car manufacturers.

The survey also focused on respondents’ preference for brands. Although the media has reported more on Apple cars, many consumers said that they are actually more interested in Google cars.

59% of respondents said they have some interest in Google’s car, the proportion higher than Apple’s 52%. 33% of respondents said they are very interested in Google’s car, the proportion also higher than Apple’s 28%.

If you consider age and gender factors, then almost all of the crowd on the Google car preferences are more obvious, with the exception of 18-24 years old and 55 to 64-year-old females.

Apple and Google cars

It’s difficult to understand why consumers are favoring Google cars. At present, Google is testing a real autopilot car, which may be one of the factors. At the same time, the full-featured Apple prototype has yet to emerge. Even if Apple is developing cars, it’s still too far away for the cars to go public.

The popularity of a Google car may also be related to the possible pricing. Many people may think that Apple’s price will be much higher than Google’s car. On average, respondents said their budget for buying their next car was $3,173, which is equivalent to about half of respondents’ average annual household income, close to the average price that U.S. consumers buy cars.

However, in that the technology companies will determine the purchase of automotive products, the proportion of respondents who selected Apple are slightly higher. 12% of respondents said they are sure to buy Apple cars, with Google’s ratio being 11%. This may be due to Apple’s diehard powerbase, with fans willing to buy any product introduced by Apple.

In addition, the question of whether or not to buy technology companies automotive products, the performance of the respondents had a clear polarization. 24% of respondents said they have no interest in the Apple brand car and 18% of respondents said they aren’t interested in Google-branded cars.

Also, as expected, iPhone users are more interested in Apple brand cars. 69% of these respondents said they would consider buying Apple cars. Android mobile phone users- on the other hand- had an interest below the average of 45% of purchasing an Apple brand car.

Interestingly, however, iPhone users are also interested in Google-branded cars. 63% of iPhone users said they would consider buying a Google car. This ratio is even higher than the 60% of Android mobile phone users who would consider buying a Google car.

This may be due to the higher average income of iOS users. In this survey, the average annual income of iPhone users was $71,899 U.S. dollars, while the average annual revenue of Android mobile phone users was $57,728 U.S. dollars. The higher the income of users, the more likely they are to consider the purchase of more expensive semi-automatic or fully automatic driving cars. In addition, iPhone users may also be more interested in technology products.

Overall, consumer interest in the automotive products of technology companies has become apparent. If Apple, Google and other technology companies do end up launching their own brand cars, then the size of the automotive industry’s current market demand will have a significant impact.


TENGA ZHOU is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider. He is a store owner, a public items retailer, a blogger and an editor.




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