We endorse the American people

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Dislike, mistrust, and biasness have become nearly synonymous with journalism, journalists and news outlets this election season. This type of attitude towards the press is one that should never exist, but because it does, this editorial board has decided that instead of endorsing a presidential candidate for the presidency, we will endorse the American people.

The cardinal rule of journalism is that the journalist-and therefore their news outlet- must remain neutral when covering a news story. This means that unless you’re reading an opinion piece or an editorial, the piece should not contain any type of personal opinion. It sounds like a simple enough idea. When reporting the news, stay neutral, only report the facts and the reader will do the rest.

Based on the description above, it sounds like journalists are the guiding light of the people- the reason why Freedom of the Press is included in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution- to make sure that the American public is told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

This presidential election says otherwise.

The one-sided political coverage of this presidential election between Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has been a rude wake-up call for the American people.

Something is clearly not right here in America.

Our media has been polluted and corrupted by some kind of virus that is killing the truthfulness that is meant to be found in our news coverage, leaving us only with coverage that has a clear agenda: to convince voters to vote for the candidate the journalist- or news outlet- wants.

This is why we are endorsing the American people, not a candidate.

A profession that is meant to help the people, that is meant to protect them from corrupted governments and corrupted individuals has somehow moved to the dark side and has left the people stranded and alone.

Endorsements by journalistic outlets, such as newspapers or magazines, is nothing
new- that’s true- but it’s something that we think shouldn’t happen.

We are endorsing the American people this election season because we don’t think a news outlet should endorse a presidential candidate, by doing so, they’re jeopardizing their journalistic ethics, their credibility and most importantly, they’re ostracizing members of their community and losing their trust. This goes not just for the entire organization but for each individual worker.

Humans will always have opinions and it will be impossible to find a news source or a journalist that does not favor one “side” more but the goal of a journalist is to be as neutral as humanly possible.

The moment an editorial board endorses a candidate, this neutral stance goes out the window. How can the people truly believe that a news organization is reporting accurately if they’re aware that the outlet completely opposes one candidate?

It’s one thing to have doubts on what political stance a newspaper has but it’s entirely another to have full certainty that they lean towards one side more. It’s not that an ethical news outlet will outright lie to the public once they endorse a candidate but they will show favoritism and even if they aren’t, you will undoubtedly think that they are. “Ignorance is bliss,” exists for a reason.

We recognize that there is a problem in our society’s media, we see it ourselves in every news coverage and it’s a problem that will be difficult to fix, but we must find a way to fix it. We must find a way to reel back our press, to bring them back into the light, so they can continue to protect us.

We are endorsing the American people because we want the people’s choice to matter, we want their voice to be heard again and we want them to vote for whomever they feel is fit to be president. Do not let the biasness of the media steer your decision.

Investigate each candidate yourself and choose the one you think is best for the country. Your vote matters. Your vote can help decide the future of our beloved country. So go out and vote, go out there and do it. Our country needs you, we need you. There is a reason why they say the pen is mightier than the sword. Use it.


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