10 reasons why you should fall in love with card games

Card games

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When you think about casual games, it’s impossible to not think about card games. With so many card games to choose from, there’s always something for everyone. Some people can’t say no to another Rummy game, while others prefer Poker or Hearts. But one thing most people have to admit, we all have some great memories related to card games.

If you haven’t played card games recently or if you’re looking to have some fun on your own or with your family and friends, here are 10 reasons why you should fall in love with card games:

#1: You Can Escape Technology

We’re always connected to technology. From the PC’s to the tablets or smartphones, we’re always getting messages, calls and notifications. Sometimes all this noise becomes annoying and a card game can be the perfect fun you need to get away from it all. Try to turn off your phone for awhile and enjoy a card game with your close ones. You’ll re-discover the joy of real interaction without the constant technology interruptions.

#2: Or You Can Include Technology

If you do love technology, and want to include it in the card games, it couldn’t be easier. Almost all card games can be found online and you can play in real time with people anywhere in the world. The card games are one of the few games that can be enjoyed online, offline, with technology or far away from it. You can play card games on a desert island or in the palm of your hand on your latest smartphone.

#3: Play Anywhere

Closely related to the previous reason, card games can be played anywhere. Think about it for a second: how many games can you play with something as small and simple as a single card deck? No internet, no energy, nothing special is required. You just need a simple deck of cards and the desire to have some fun.

#4: Card Games and Children

With so many card games available, there are games for any age. Even small children can enjoy a card game and since there’s always a new game to introduce them to on the same deck of cards, there’s unlimited possibilities of fun with cards and children.

#5: Card Games As Educative Tools

Card games can even be used to teach lessons. For children, you can use card games to teach important math skills for example. It’s much more fun and easy to learn basic math skills with card games and that’s why these games have been popular for multiple generations.

#6: Unlimited Options

With so many card games available, it’s impossible to get bored. Even old classic games are still fun, and if you’re ready to explore, you won’t run out of game options when you choose to play cards.

#7: Competitive Skills

Some card games might be competitive. This allows players the opportunities to improve their skills and learn how to deal with the odds. These games might not be for everyone, but those that want to improve their competitive skills tend to love these games and play them for years.

#8: Perfect Family Companion

Not many games can compete with card games here. With so many choices, card games can please everyone at once and allow families to spend some quality time together.

#9: Card Games Can Help You Relax

Games are supposed to be fun and help you relax. Card games tick all those boxes. You simply need to find the right game, decide if you’ll play online or offline on a real deck of cards and you’re all set. Few games can be as relaxing as card games. Even simple games, like Solitaire can provide a relaxing experience.

#10: Your Imagination is the Limit

With so many games- and so little requirements- you decide exactly what you want and the card games deliver it. There are games to play by yourself and others that you can play with multiple people at once. Your desires and imagination set the rules and card games allow you to fulfill your vision.

With so many advantages, it’s no wonder card games are still so popular nowadays. They survive technological advancements and continue to evolve. So, if you haven’t done it recently, what are you waiting for? A card game is waiting for you and ready to make your day a little bit better.



HARISH PAL is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider and a digital marketer at Gamentio. A computer engineer by education and a social games enthusiast, he also likes to read and write about the latest gaming and game development technologies. His love for Rummy can be seen in his write-ups.




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