Fake “Vote Clinton” through text ads making their rounds online

Hillary Clinton vote through text fake ads circulate through Twitter


Online scams are nothing new but Clinton supporters are the newest group facing a potential online voting scheme.

Fake ads asking voters to “Vote Clinton” through text have swept the Internet. These fake ads show a picture of Hillary Clinton along with the words “Vote Early: Text ‘Hillary’ to 59925 Today.”

The ads also have the official campaign logo of the Clinton campaign and have the message “Paid For By Hillary For President.” Additionally, the ads even say that you must be 18 years or older to vote and that certain restrictions may apply.

The ads have mainly been circulating around Twitter and as The Washington Post reports, they gained traction after Twitter user @TheRickyVaughn tweeted them with the hashtag #ImWithHer to his 11,000 followers before his account was suspended.

Robert McNees, an associate professor of physics at Loyola University Chicago, was the one who originally flagged the ads. Twitter, according to McNees tweet, responded that the tweet ads didn’t violate the site’s terms of service even though they were spreading false information.

When the Daily News sent a text to the listed number, they reported that an automatic reply came from Clinton’s campaign clarifying that the ads were not theirs.

“The ad you saw was not approved by iVisionMobile OR Hillary For America in any way.”

After BuzzFeed News took control of the story, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded that he wasn’t sure how the fake ads slipped past Twitter but that the situation was now fixed.

One of the accounts tweeting the fake ads, The Verge reports, has been banned and as McNees announced, the fake ads have been removed.


MICHELLE MARCHANTE is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider and the Opinion Director at FIUSM. She is a writer, reader and filmmaking enthusiast. Currently, she is studying to get her degree in Broadcast Journalism and is also working on her second novel. Connect with her on Twitter @TweetMichelleM



Image retrieved from Flickr.

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