Top 10 Tips on how to play it smart and win at the casinos


In the world of casino gambling, gamblers tend to come from two walks of life. There are the folks that simply enjoy the casino for its entertainment value and like to take advantage of the best casino bonuses to see if they can make a little money. The other folks take casino gambling a little more seriously as they focus on how to win at the casino on a regular basis.

With that said, we’ve all heard stories of the big win, the slots that paid out thousands or the guy who stood at the craps table for three hours and won a 100 times his bankroll. These stories have merit. There are plenty of people out there in the gaming world who have hit that proverbial “winning streak” and defied the odds. Since we don’t hear the stories of woe with the big losses, the wins seem disproportionately high, giving all of us a sense that winning is a lot easier than reality and statistics can support.

For a portion of the gambling population, there is a good chance of walking away from an online or brick and mortar casino with a profit. That usually happens for one of two reasons: divine luck or the gambler’s ability to take the following 10 tips to heart.

1. Focus on the Prize 

For the casino, gambling is all about psychological warfare.

They take advantage of anything they can find to distract you from the game playing process. If they can interrupt your focus, the casino’s odds of winning increase proportionately to your inability to pay attention to your money and the game. It’s not an accident that slot machines make lots of noise, casinos have no clocks and drinks are free. If you’re there to make a profit, you need to stay focus solely on that endeavor. 

2. Setting Monetary Limits on Losses

 We’re all aware of the notion we should never gamble more than we can afford to lose. It’s an absolute must that you always follow that basic rule. On a smaller level, you should always set a losing limit each time you sit down to play a game. If you’re sitting down to play blackjack, promise yourself you won’t allow yourself to lose more than four hands in a row or 10 percent of your bankroll.

By setting a loss limit and recognizing that maybe blackjack isn’t your game at that moment in time, you allow yourself an excuse to move on and try another game or table, and if you were lucky enough to secure one of the best casino bonuses, you want to make sure you manage those funds in a similar fashion.

3. Setting Monetary Limits on Winnings 

This one defies the imagination. However, it’s equally important to set limits on winnings and winning streaks. Oh, they will tell you to ride those winning streaks until the end and that’s exactly what the casino is counting on you doing. The house’s advantage is determined by a statistical analysis over a long period of time.

If a slot machine advertises a 96 percent return to the player, it means that machine will take 96 percent of your money, eventually. In order to keep from playing into the house’s statistical advantage, you should set a limit on your winnings. This should represent a number that would adequately satisfy your profit motive and give you the motivation to walk away a winner. This is how you win at the casino on a regular basis.

4. Setting Limits on the Time You Gamble 

If a house’s advantage is calculated based on a long period of playing time, it would make sense that should you start winning, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll start losing. You can avoid this by agreeing to gamble in short sessions. This will also help to keep you from getting tired or mesmerized by the bells and whistles of the game.

5. Understand How to Play a Game Properly 

As indicated above, each game has a predetermined house advantage that doesn’t change. Making the challenge even more deceptive is the fact those odds are based on the player playing the game perfectly and always making the right decisions.

If players don’t know the rules and how to play the games, the house’s advantage increases proportionately. You can increase your odds of winning by learning to play a particular game properly. 

6. Avoid All Systems

 There are plenty of “professional gamblers” out there who are willing to sell you information about a system that will help you beat the odds every time. The true odds of each game are statistical realities.

There isn’t a system known to mankind that can change the random odds of a dice landing on a certain number. The only thing you can accomplish by paying money for a system is starting the losing process as soon you make that payment. Systems never work over long periods of time.

7. Picking the Right Game

Slots and keno are the big money makers for the casino. The house’s advantage on those games usually range from four to 10 percent. Do you really want to give the house that much of your money for the right to play?

If you want to play the games that give you the best odds available, you’ll want to focus on baccarat and blackjack in that order. The house’s advantage on those games is usually less than two percent.

8. Grind It Out

Many table games like roulette, craps and baccarat offer wagers that come with large potential payoffs. The problem with “circus bets” like these is that the odds increase the house’s advantage proportionately to the amount of the payoff. If betting on 12 at the craps table pays 30-1 and the true odds are 36-1, the house’s advantage on that bet increases to 16.5 percent.

Conversely, betting on the pass line with odds might give the house a three percent advantage. By passing on the chances of a big hit for a small bet, you increase the ability to grind out a win with more favorable wagers.

9. Accept Reality

 Prior to sitting down to play casino games, you can better prepare yourself for the prospects of losing by understanding why casinos are in business. When blessed with the chance to walk away a winner, you should do so if making a profit was your original intent.

10. Have Fun

Win, lose or draw, you will always be a real winner if you simply enjoy the time you spend gambling. On those occasions when you’re also able to walk away with a little extra cash in your pocket, the satisfaction derived from your win will be all the more rewarding.

Now that you know these useful tips and have a better understanding on how to win at the casino and walk away with profit, it’s time to set a bankroll, choose your favorite game and enjoy the experience that is called casino.

Best of luck and see you at the tables.

NIR ZILBERMAN is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider and is the co-founder of along with Alex Rejba. CasinoGlow is a leading web resource for the top online casino games and promotions, with no deposit bonuses, and offers the most attractive bonuses with the greatest casino gaming experience so you’ll walk away with a smile and a profit.


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