Your love of sports could make or break your relationship

Your love of sports could either make or break your relationship


It doesn’t really matter if you’re a sports fan who religiously follows every game, result and event, or you’re a professional athlete who dedicates his/her time to practice each and every day — there is a connection between sports and dating! But what kind of connection is it?

Will watching the game while chatting with someone on something like a biker dating site be a buzz kill? Or perhaps your dedication to sports might become a joint interest, and your partner will enjoy the time you spend together?

If you’re a fan of, let’s say, football, chances are that you will be watching the Super Bowl and several different college football games throughout the year. Your partner might feel neglected during this time, but honesty is the best policy: as long as you’ve clearly stated right from the start that football is your interest (it might also fall under the scope of hobbies if you collect memorabilia) and that you’ll allocate a certain amount of time to it, there shouldn’t be any problems.

Furthermore, games might be a good place to have a first date — even if your dating partner has zero interests in sports! It’s a good opportunity to educate your partner about your favorite pastime, show him or her something new and show them an important part of your world.

You’ll surely feel more confident while you’re enjoying the game with someone you like, and an additional bonus comes in the form of numerous conversation-openers and ice-breakers that can be sport — or game — related. You can hardly run out of topics for a chat while you’re on a sports date!

Additionally, don’t forget that someone’s behavior while watching the game can tell you a lot about that person. If your dating partner can’t stand your team’s defeat with dignity, pride and support and wants to switch allegiances to some other team, then clearly there are some problems with trust and loyalty there.

But, if your partner has no vested interest in the sport you prefer, but is still trying to learn something and follow the game with you while having no interest whatsoever – that person is a keeper!

Of course, if you’re a professional athlete, or you’re trying to date one, that’s another set of problems. You’ll have to rearrange your schedule from time to time to accommodate your partner’s training schedule; your partner might be on a special diet, or cannot drink alcohol before a certain game; he or she might abstain from more carnal desires, so to speak, before the big game.

However, if you really love someone and want the relationship to succeed – you’ll make some compromises. That goes both ways, and your partner will have to take into account that you also have a life and certain needs, and that it’s most important that you two have fun in your relationship – you’re no one’s doormat!

All said and done, the answer is twofold: yes, sports can negatively impact your relationship if you don’t set things right from the start. If you tell your partner that you’re a massive Red Sox fan and love to watch every game and support your team, that won’t be such a big deal if they’re the right one. And if you manage to find a dating partner who’s into sports as much as you are — then a baseball field wedding is probably in order!  

HANNAH LANG is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider and is a passionate blogger with a graduate degree in creative writing. She has written thousands of posts for notable companies, charitable organizations and websites regarding world issues, psychology, pop culture and more. She is a dog lover, a globetrotter and likes to think of herself as a digital nomad.



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Image provided by the writer and retrieved from Pexels.

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