Five simple bedroom makeovers to make you say ‘wow’

Five simple bedroom makeovers to make you say 'wow'


If you want a makeover for your bedroom, all you need is loads of imagination and just a little effort to get the right effect. And why not? After all, you spend a considerable amount of time in your bedroom every day, so why not go all out to make it comfortable and a room to come home to? Here are five easy ways by which you can achieve the transformation from dull to wow in a few easy steps:

  1.  When gray isn’t always dull: First things first, there are several interesting shades of gray, so gray doesn’t always translate into dull. For example, you can paint the walls with flat gray paint and give it a creamy trim so that it stands out. You can also have a lot of different kinds of lights like table and floor lamps and sconces. By having a layered lighting the room looks less gray, less boring and more flattering. You can see some examples here.
  1. Design a stress-free bedroom: Since you’re going to spend a few hours in bed, why not make it comfortable? To be comfortable in bed, you need to choose a large bed with warm wood tones, like a Queen- sized bed to give you and your partner enough room. Your bed sheets should be bamboo or cotton to keep you cool and dry, but don’t have too many sheets and pillows or you could be uncomfortable while sleeping. Don’t fill up your walls with too many photos or paintings either as the room will seem overcrowded. Paint your walls a soothing blue, silver grey or cream. These colors are known to lower blood pressure and normalize your breathing rate.
  1. Have optimum lighting: Have thick curtains to keep the sun and the noise of traffic out. Even strong moonlight can be disturbing. Use warm, yellow lighting instead of white lights, which will make your room less relaxing. Install dimmer switches to help you adjust the lighting in your room according to your needs brighter for reading and TV and dimmer for just lying in bed. You can also have a small lamp that keeps you happy, if you don’t have any overhead source of light. When you want to relax, just switch on the small lamp.
  1. Get an antique rug: To give class and sophistication to your bedroom, get yourself an antique, handmade rug. You can match it really well with the elements in your room by picking the main theme of the rug based on the colors that already exist in your room. Keep that as your chief motif and you’ll be able to match your rug to it.
  1. Go retro with a modern twist: You can create a retro look while still having a modern bedroom. You can achieve this by having a plain platform bed and a spartan appearance in your bedroom. Alternatively, you could also introduce copper and combine modern and old world elements for that retro look. Beds with an iron frame teamed with copper-shaded lamps and an antique sewing machine as a bedside table does a lot to bring back that mid-century look today. See some more examples here.

As mentioned earlier, to achieve the kind of effects mentioned above, you only need some flair and an eye for color. With these tips, you can make your bedroom entirely unique and worth coming home to.


MANISHA KUMAR is a guest contributor for The Buzz Insider. She is a versatile writer and editor of She loves blogging about home décor and home improvement. When she is not blogging, she is watching movies or cooking her favorite recipes.




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Image retrieved from Pixabay.

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