Kanye West confesses to his fans that he would have voted for Donald Trump

Kanye West comes out of the closet: Admits to being a Trump supporter

Kanye West boycotted the presidential election this year but during a concert in San Jose, California on Thursday, Nov. 17 he confessed to his fans that if he had gone to the polls, his vote- unlike the votes of other celebrities- wouldn’t have gone to Hillary Clinton.

Betsey Johnson and Michelle Marchante

My Designer and I: Meeting Betsey Johnson for the first time

Saturday, Oct. 15, fashion guru Betsey Johnson hosted a Meet and Greet event at Miami’s Dadeland Mall’s Macy as part of her tour event to present her new collection, Betsey Johnson XOX Trolls. As a devoted fan who constantly refers to her as “my designer,” I knew I couldn’t miss this opportunity to actually meet her face-to-face.