Pokemon Go players victims of armed robbery

Pokemon Go players victims of armed ‘Team Rocket’ robbers

“Pokemon Go” trainers have experienced a multitude of unfortunate events from falling off skateboards to finding a dead body floating in the water all in an effort to “Catch Them All” but the latest problem to rise out of this interactive gameplay has occurred in Missouri, where players were robbed by a real life “Team Rocket.”

Pokemon Go, an augmented virtual reality phone simulator, tops the app charts not even a day after its release.

Pokemon Go: Revolutionary concept but horrible execution

It’s official, the long-awaited it’s-no-longer-an-April-Fools-Prank game, “Pokemon Go” has been released and fans have pretty much exploded with anticipation on finally being able to get their hands on this augmented reality phone simulator but while the app’s concept is brilliant, its execution is horrible.