Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was a potential candidate for Trump's VP

Republican National Convention Day 3: Make America First Again

The third day of the Republican National Convention focused on the theme of “Make America First Again” and included speeches from a variety of well-known figures- all banning together- to ask each and every person in America to get out there and “Vote Trump” in November.

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Republican National Convention Day 2: “Make America Work Again”

During the second day of the Republican National Convention, not only did Donald Trump surpass the required 1, 237 delegates needed to become the Republican’s party official presidential candidate with an additional 89 delegates, marking it as the largest vote total in Republican history, but it was a night focusing on uniting the Republican party and destroying Hillary Clinton.

Republican National Convention Day 1

Republican Convention Day 1: “Make America Safe Again”

“Make America Safe Again” was the theme of the first day of the Republican convention and Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke Jr., former New York Governor Rudy Giuliani and Patricia Smith, a mother of one of the fallen Benghazi soldiers, delivered some of the most powerful speeches of the night, leaving the stage to standing ovations, chants and tears.