Write for Us

Write for Us

If you wish to submit a short story for our new entertainment feature, “Short Story of the Week,” please refer to here. If you have a buzz worthy article to share and would like to be a guest writer (no previous experience necessary) and your article follows our guidelines down below,  then please e-mail it to us at editors@thebuzzinsider.com

Article guidelines are simple:

  • Your article must be written in English and be your own original material.
  • Original multimedia components such as photos, graphics, videos or audio are encouraged but not required.
  • Our topics cover but are not limited to News, Entertainment, Opinions and Sports.
  • Even though articles will be edited, double-check spelling, grammar and facts before submitting.
  • Each article should include your name and a short bio that will appear at the bottom of your article along with a link to your website (this will be a no follow link) or one of your social media accounts.
  • Keep it journalistic. Ex: Always credit your source. Foul language, slandering, libel, impersonation or defamation of character is prohibited.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

E-mail guidelines:

Copy and paste the article to the body of your e-mail or upload it to a service such as Google Drive and send us the link. Please do not send as an attachment. If your article has an accompanying multimedia component, then only attach the component to the e-mail or preferably, upload it to a service such as Google Drive and send us the link.

Please keep in mind that we are a non-profit contributor based platform and are unable to provide monetary compensation BUT your contributions will be greatly appreciated by our readers, ourselves and will give you a great source of worldwide exposure and clippings for the future.

Due to the volume of submissions, The Buzz Insider is unable to publish every article that we receive but we will notify you of acceptance in 72 hours. If you do not hear from us then you may submit it elsewhere. As this is a contributing site, you are allowed to publish your contributed articles in other publications but must state that it originally appeared/was published by The Buzz Insider. If your article appears in another online publication, please also link to our original article.


For any questions or other inquiries, please refer to our Contact Us page.